Ambassador/Referral Program

We are not allowed to offer any discounts or sponsorships as it is against dealer policy. However, we have a referral program where you receive money back if you brought us customers. Simply tell the person to put your name in the "where did you hear about us" box at checkout, and your referral will be tracked. Every time you send someone our way, you get paid!

Headlights - $30-$40 per referral depending on brand

Fog lights - $20 per referral 

Ditch lights - $20 per referral

Third brakes - $20 per referral

Tail lights - $20-$30 per referral depending on brand

Led Bulbs - $15 per referral 

Grille lights - $20 per referral 

Rock lights/wheel lights - $20 per referral

Wheels and Tires - $50 per referral

Light bars - $30 per referral


EXAMPLE- you refer a customer to us who purchases headlights and fog lights and puts your name in the "Where did you hear about us" box on the "Your Cart" page. Your payout would be $60. Do this twice a week and you'll receive a $240 payout after 2 weeks. You can do this as often or as long as you want; the more you refer, the more money you earn. Refer enough people and the lights you initially bought are free! Easy enough right? Who doesn't like money back?!