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Banks 66762 iDash 1.8 Data Monster with Data Logging (Expansion Only) For use with existing iDash 1.8

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The iDash 1.8 from Banks is a powerful monitoring device that is small enough to fit into a standard 2-1/16" gauge hole for a clean, discreet installation. And if you're already running an iDash but want the ability to monitor even MORE, then here's your answer! This expansion gauge is designed exclusively to be used in conjunction with an existing iDash and offers up data logging capabilities to create the ultimate vehicle cockpit.

Cheap insurance, that's the best way to summarize the iDash. Overall, the Idash 1.8 delivers you a host of gauges that your factory instrument cluster does not, but are incredibly important, especially for those that tow heavy or have modified the engine to produce above stock power levels. There's a reason you see 99% of modified trucks running a plethora of gauges to include EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature), Boost, Transmission Temperature, et cetera, and its to avoid costly repairs after exceeding the limitations of the powertrain. While most of the aftermarket relies on having numerous individual gauges strewn across your dash or A-Pillar, or a bulky screen, which both can distract the driver, the iDash fits everything into a compact size. The iDash mounts into a standard 2-1/16" gauge hole, perfect for using in conjunction with a single pillar mount. And this particular unit is designed to create the ultimate cockpit experience, as its intended to "piggyback" with an existing iDash.

Furthermore, this particular model allows for data logging capability. Banks understands that with all of this newfound information, it can be pretty tough to keep a mindful eye on EVERY parameter and still manage to safely drive your vehicle. That's why this model includes a micro-SD card that will log every ounce of information as it passes through the iDash, and allow you to download that to your computer. You can then use this information to determine any necessary changes to your tuning or just your driving style in general in order to maximize performance and the longevity of your powertrain.
This product MUST be used in combination with an existing iDash and cannot be used as a standalone unit.