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Banks Power High-Boost Compressor Wheels 99.5-03 7.3L Ford Powerstroke 1999.5-2003 7.3L Ford Powerstroke

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This replacement high-boost Compressor Wheel for your Powerstroke will eliminate the compressor surge felt at highway speeds. The replacement wheel is only for Late 1999.5 - 2003 7.3L PowerStroke's. While the High-Boost Wheel is not designed to give you increased performance or horsepower, it will increase airflow at upper boost levels. The increased airflow allows previously installed or future installations of performance products to work better.

It is important to know the difference between model years of the 7.3L PowerStroke's which fall into three categories: 1999; early 1999 1/2; late 1999 1/2. To check your specific model year find the build date tag inside the driver-side door and match below.
1999 model year--built prior to 1/99; with catalytic converter
Early 1999-1/2 model year--built prior to 1/99; no catalytic converter (intake manifold has 2" diameter inlets)
Late 1999-1/2 model year--built on or after 1/99; no catalytic converter (intake manifold has 3" diameter inlets)