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Banks Power

Banks Power Monster-Ram Intake Manifold System with Plenum 13-18 Ram 6.7L Cummins 2013-2018 Ram 6.7L Cummins

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When it comes to increasing power and the overall efficiency of your 6.7 Cummins engine, airflow is king. By increasing the density of cool, fresh air into your engine, you're able to better atomize the existing fuel being sent to the cylinders, netting a more efficient burn of the fuel, hence increasing power and fuel economy, while reducing EGT's (Exhaust Gas Temperatures). Now, with the 6.7's, that's no easy feat because not only do you have an EGR valve situated in the manifold, but also a very restrictive grid heater that is part of the intake plenum. But, in usual Banks Power fashion, they went to work making the most efficient intake manifold kit while retaining a grid heater for those in cool climates, meaning you're not sacrificing a thing!

The Monster-Ram improves airflow from the intercooler, flowing 936 cfm (71.5 lbs/min) with Banks? High-Flow Heater and Billet Intake Plate compared to stock's 421 cfm (32.16 lbs/min). Monster-Ram raises boost without increasing backpressure at the turbine. The result is a more responsive, power-efficient engine that offers even more headroom than stock for higher horsepower applications.

Banks? High-Flow Heater and Billet Intake Plate complete the perfect system. The High-Flow Heater allows for the removal of the restrictive stock heater grid plate. The new vertical coil-style heater provides the same functionality for cold starts as the stock grid heater but without obstructing airflow. Replacing the restrictive stock grid heater plate with the Banks High-Flow Intake Plate removes all obstructions and turbulence in the airflow path.

Utilizing the latest in CFD (computational fluid-dynamics), tested on the flow bench, the dyno, and on-road, Monster-Ram is a beast that only Banks could have unleashed. A direct-replacement aluminum casting, Monster-Ram is instant power, performance, and acceleration gratification. The factory inlet elbow is cramped and angular in order to accommodate the path of the stock number one fuel line. Banks Engineers designed a new number one fuel line, allowing the Monster-Ram to flow more air without obstruction.

With four 1/8? NPT ports, perfect for temperature and pressure sensors, the sky's the limit for data acquisition and expandability.