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Banks Power

Banks Power Monster Sport Exhaust 01-05 6.6L GM Duramax LB7|LLY Multiple Applications

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If you're looking to gain better performance as well as more roar on your Duramax LB7 / LLY the Monster Sport Exhaust system from Banks Power is one of the best systems on the market. This streamlined system gets right down to business delivering a massive increase of airflow and a cut in backpressure.

Banks Power's Monster Sport Exhaust system gives you a straight and to the point exhaust system for your 6.6L Duramax LB7 / LLY. This quality made system offers an airflow improvement of up to 150% over your stock system and slashes backpressure up to 98%. These improvements mean better performance and sound from your rig. Engineered from stainless steel, the Monster Sport system has streamlined intermediate pipes as well as a streamlined tailpipe with heavy wall tubing as well as constant-diameter bends to keep that airflow gain and cut backpressure.

In addition to a quality pipe system, the Monster kit also features the Monster muffler. With a straight-through 4" flow-path and a Banks Power exclusive expansion camber, you can be sure that the annoying mid-range drone usually associated with straight-through mufflers is inaudible. The Monster muffler also triples the stock exhaust flow as well as deliver the signature Monster sound in stereo.