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Banks Power

Banks Power Monster Sport Exhaust 99-03 7.3L Ford PowerStroke 1999.5-2003 7.3L Ford Powerstroke

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This straight and to the point exhaust system from Banks Power offers all the same benefits as other systems, but at a fraction of the cost. The Monster Sport Exhaust takes merit in performance rather than looks, and by taking the aesthetic tip out of the picture Banks is able to deliver an incredible value! The Monster Sport System is only available for F250 and F350s without a catalytic converter.

If you're looking for a quick, quality, cost effective way to upgrade your Early 1999.5 - 2003 7.3L Powerstroke, then the Monster Sport Exhaust is just the solution you need. Designed not only to improve your exhaust flow, cut down on backpressure, increase fuel economy and deliver extra power to your rear wheels, but also to be easy on your wallet. The Monster Sport achieves this by being straight and to the point; no fuss, no tips, just power.