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Banks Ram-Air Rear Diff Cover | 01-19 GM | 03-18 Dodge/Ram | 14-Bolt AAM 11.5" or 11.8" Multiple Applications

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When it comes to developing new products, Banks makes products that will actually increase vehicle performance while beating the competition. When it comes to differential covers, Banks knew they could produce a product that would blow the competition away. The Banks Ram-Air? Differential cover is the first of its kind. Its unique design cools 5 times better than any flat-back style diff covers. The patented design forces air up and into massive heat radiation fins providing the fastest cooling on the market and creates high velocity air to overcome the "dead air zone" behind the differential cover. Servicing your diff could not be easier. No need to remove the cover when changing the fluid thanks to the drain plug, fill plug, and sight glass.

Another important feature of Banks diff covers is the internal shape. The original stock cover has a rounded shape to guide the fluid as the gears spin. This is very important for proper lubrication, therefore Banks designed the inside of their covers to also guide the fluid for the best lubrication you can get. Other aftermarket cover makers usually do not take this into consideration, because they mainly focus on making their covers big. In this case, bigger is not always better. If the internal shape is not correct, the gear oil can get whipped up into a foam, and we all know that air bubbles cannot lubricate gears. Protect your rear diff the right way with Banks Ram-Air? Rear Differential Cover.


Sway Bar Spacer Kit
Sway Bar Spacer Kit
For trucks with an O.E. rear sway bar
Usually for 2014-2023 RAM
Adds clearance for diff cover
Simple bolt-on. Does not require modification to the axle or sway bar