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Edge EvoHT2 Tuner With ECM/TCM Unlock 20-23 GM 6.6L Duramax L5P 2020-2023 GM 6.6L Duramax L5P

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Unlock the power potential of your L5P Duramax with a simple to use tuner that gives your Duramax up to 125 HP and 275 LB-FT along with TCM or "Transmission Control Module" tuning. The Edge EvoHT2! This is a tuning option with efficient and easy to use technology, a color screen with great visuals, and four levels of pre-loaded tuning. This device will also give you the ability to calibrate for larger tires, idle up feature, command manual DPF regeneration, and read and clear DTC's. The EvoHT2 also offers an industry first 'Remember Last Setting' feature that allows your truck to remember your Tow/Haul, Grade Braking, and Exhaust Brake settings every time you start your truck!

Edge's revolutionary TCM tuning allows you to optimize the 10-speed Allison for improved shift points, better clutch holding capacity from increased line pressure, and converter lockup. This allows your Allison to handle everything you can throw at it whether your daily driving, towing, or having fun on the streets. Who knew the 10-speed Allison could get even better!

In the past, unlocking your L5P's ECM required you to send in your L5P's complete ECM into Edge so they could perform the unlock process. Not any more! Edge has developed a revolutionary Locksmith device for a plug and play ECM/TCM unlock. The EvoHT2 now offers complete ECM/TCM unlocking without touching the modules. No cores to deal with. No finicky harnesses to disconnect. A PC and Edge's downloadable Update Agent software will be required in order to complete the unlocking process. This device will only be able to unlock and tune one vehicle. Once the modules are unlocked and flashed, you will be able to return the vehicle back to stock but the unlock process cannot be reversed. When the VIN lock and ECM/TCM unlock has been completed, the device will not be eligible for return.