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Edge Insight CTS3 Digital Touch Screen Gauge Monitor 1996 and UP OBDII Trucks and Cars

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The Insight CTS3 by Edge Products is the most comprehensive vehicle digital gauge on the market. By plugging into the OBDII connector under the dash, the Insight is able to read and display every single parameter that is available through the OBDII. But beyond that is where it gets exciting because that's not where the Insight stops, unlike other devices on the market. By utilizing Edge's EAS (Expandable Accessory System), you're able to plug ancillary sensors into the back of the Insight in a daisy chain system to monitor limitless parameters. For instance, many diesel trucks' ECM's simply do not monitor Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT), thus a typical gauge would have no way of displaying this very important parameter. With the CTS3, you can install one of Edge's pyrometer kits. This is merely an example, but Edge has a solution for nearly every single desired parameter.

Another unique feature is the ability to control any 12 volt accessory through the CTS3 interface. Lets say you have a set of LED lights on your front bumper and a set of backup lights. Traditionally, this would mean you'd have two auxiliary switches on your dash that likely don't even match one another. With the Insight, you can maintain that sleek, factory interior and control the functions of those lights, or any other 12 volt accessory right from the screen. How cool is that? Performance testing? You bet, Edge has your back there too!

Overall, the Insight is the #1 preferred digital gauge monitor in the market today, used by daily drivers and enthusiasts everywhere. The Insight is the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art, multi-gauge touch-screen display on the market. It is an instantaneous and inexpensive alternative to bulky, analog gauges that would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars and take hours to install. This is the perfect tool for those who want to monitor their vehicle's performance and prefer not to program their vehicle, or for those who already have significant performance upgrades and want to safely monitor their vehicle's performance. Not only can the Insight monitor vehicle performance, but it can also be intelligently configured to provide audible and visual alerts to help you protect your vehicle.