Summit Series LED grille light bars (activation feature, white drl, and sequential amber switchback turn signal)

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Universal fitment for vehicles as long as you have a nice flat surface to mount them! Fits silverado, sierra, titan, frontier, ram, tundra, tacoma, 4runner, f150, f250, f350, ranger, raptor, bronco, tahoe, wrangler, gladiator, etc!

All kits are thoroughly tested before they are shipped out, however, if you have any issues, don’t worry! Lifetime warranty is included. These are "show lights", not a true light bar, they're just for spicing up your vehicles front end :P

Comes in a set of 2, be sure to get 2 sets if you want 4 bars total! 

Comes in 4 lengths. 6”, 9.5”, 11”, and 14” Measure the opening in your grille, bumper, or wherever else you want to put these and order that length!

Kit includes the bars, which have adhesive on the back, zip ties, screws, heat shrink connectors, and extra wire if needed. 

We want to make this kit as easy as possible to install, however it is a universal application, so you may have to get creative when trying to mount them in your grille. The black is ground, the red is power, and the yellow is the optional amber turn signal sequential function. Tap into your factory wiring and you’ll be breaking necks in no time! 


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