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Zone Offroad Transfer Case Indexing Ring Kit 17-20 Ford F-250 / F-350 SuperDuty 2017-2020 Ford F-250 / F-350 SuperDuty 4WD

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The Zone Offroad Transfer Case Indexing Ring Kit adjusts the front driveline angle after lifting and reduces driveline vibrations that may occur at increased lift heights. When a lift kit is installed on a Ford SuperDuty truck, it can affect the alignment of the driveline components, particularly the transfer case. This misalignment can lead to driveline vibrations, causing discomfort and potentially impacting the suspension performance of the vehicle. The indexing ring kit is designed to correct the driveline angles by providing precise adjustments to the transfer case orientation. This correction helps minimize or eliminate vibrations in the driveline. Driveline vibrations not only affect comfort but can also impact the overall performance and longevity of drivetrain components. The indexing ring kit helps maintain the proper alignment of these components, ensuring optimal performance and reducing the risk of premature wear.

The Zone Offroad indexing ring kit comes with all the necessary components and detailed instructions for a straightforward installation process.This indexing ring kit is specifically designed for Ford SuperDuty trucks. It is engineered to be compatible with the unique driveline configurations of these trucks, providing a precise solution for driveline alignment issues associated with lift kit installations.