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6" Lift Kit With Falcon Shocks- Ram 1500 With Factory Air Suspension - 2019-2024

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Fits 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

6" lift kit for 5th Gen Ram 1500 - 2019-2023 with Factory Air Suspension.

Includes Falcon 1.1 Monotube rear shocks. For use with factory air ride equipped Ram 1500 trucks.

Recommended max tire with no trimming: 20x9 0 offset - 37x12.50 tire.

*Max with trimming: 20x10 -18 offset - 37x12.50.

Note:� Does not work with TRX or Rebel Air Ride.� Cannot use 18" wheels with this application.�Single Cab configuration has not been validated for fitment & drivability by ReadyLIFT.��

We�re proud to announce that our long-awaited 6 inch lift kit 5th gen 2019-2023 Ram 1500 factory air suspension trucks is now available! After dedicated development and long-term testing, we are now shipping our Ram 1500 Big Lift Kit for the Ram customer seeking unmatched performance, style and durability. The all-new 44-19621 6" lift kit is a great option for 5th gen Ram 1500 owners who want a great riding tall stance capable of accepting 37" tall tires. Our engineers are delighted with the development of this kit and its many great features that make it the best 6" lift kit on the market!

The 44-19621 lift kit includes many great features like Falcon 1.1 Monotube rear shocks�rear control arm brackets which combine to better capture small bump sensitivity and mid-stroke support. Laser-cut heavy-duty steel front cross members and differential drops retain factory geometry while providing proper differential rotation to ensure there is no driveline vibration when in 4WD or Auto-4HI. This all-new Ram 1500 6" lift kit adopts all the important elements of a premium lift kit to ensure the truck rides and drives remarkably. Rear track bar bracket, Falcon 1.1 Monotube rear�shocks, longer rear sway bar end links, heavy-duty cast iron knuckles, and even new thick steel skid plates are just a few of the ingredients contributing to an amazing driving experience on up to 37x12.50 tall tires on 9" wide wheels with 0 offset. (See tire details below).

Note: This kit is for the RAM 1500 with factory air ride.� This kit is NOT compatible with standard suspension or non-air ride suspension equipped models, (2) Ram TRX, or (3) Rebel trucks.