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THE LP6 PRO:is a 6-inch powerhouse featuring a total of 10,300 lumens and a 200deg spread of useable LED light. The Retrofit Source is a proud distributor for Baja Designs, the LP6 features 8,600 forward projecting lumens and 1,700 lumens of dedicated peripheral lighting courtesy of our patented Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT).

TO KEEP:your light performing at its highest potential, the LP6 integrates our proprietary Direct Ducted Cooling technology. This feature allows air to travel through the front of the housing, over the rear heat sinks - drastically improving cooling capacity and performance.

WITH AN:amber day-time running light, low power, and high power mode, the LP6 will fulfill all your lighting needs.

BAJA DESIGNS FEATURES:uService: So you can replace the Lenses And Optics. ClearView: Gives you all The light, right where you need it most! MoistureBlock means they are Waterproof, Rain Proof, Submersible. And Baja CopperDrive: These are the only LED products on the market driven at 100%! 5000K Daylight - Less Fatigue for you as the driver & Natural Color.