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Banks Power

Banks 66410 AutoMind Programmer 99-19 Ford Powerstroke 1999-2019 Ford Powerstroke

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No matter what year PowerStroke you drive, power and engine efficiency are a must have. But above pumping more horsepower and torque into your truck comes the longevity of your engine, and Banks has mastered the balance between too much power that can damage your PowerStroke's or too little power that you can hardly feel. The AutoMind Programmer is the "Goldielocks" of programmers--it's just the right balance of power, engine safety, and fuel economy. The balance is achieved by offering a variety of pre-programmed tunes ranging between model years. Whether you're looking for fuel economy or performance gains, the AutoMind is the perfect tuner for your PowerStroke's.

NOTE: This programmer is not for use with cab-and-chassis vehicles or vehicles that were built for use in Mexico.