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Banks Power

Banks Derringer Diesel Tuner 17-19 GM 2500HD / 3500 6.6L Duramax L5P Multiple Applications

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Unleash the true power of your Duramax engine. The Derringer diesel tuner from Banks Power unlocks up to 61 extra horsepower and 112 lb-ft extra torque! When passing cars on the highway, you will be 13% quicker from 50-70mph!

Derringer is dyno calibrated to use multiple data inputs such as throttle position, rpm, vehicle speed, AFR, knock, coolant temperature, and EGT, just like your engine's ECM. It actively and safely optimizes calibrations in real-time thanks to its OBD-II connectivity. No competitive tuner does that.

Derringer has 6 levels, adjustable on-the-fly using the iDash (you can select an iDash above). Level 6 produces best-in-class performance. Level 3 is designed for work use and has a great mid-range feel. When running Level 3 with a loaded truck and/or pulling a trailer, your on-ramp merging speeds and passing times are greatly improved.

ActiveSafety health monitoring circuitry keeps an eye on the vehicle and the module itself. It checks its health 100 times a second. If it detects an issue, the Derringer instantly bypasses itself, sets a device diagnostic code, and seamlessly returns the truck to stock power. Plus, Derringer's special coolant temp monitoring prevents power addition when the engine is too cold or overheated. The Derringer also auto-adjusts power if knock occurs due to bad fuel. Maximum safe power is all automatic with a Derringer ? you just choose your preferred power level and enjoy the ride.