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Banks Power

Banks Power Banks Brake 01-04 6.6L GM Duramax LB7 2001-2004 6.6L GM Duramax LB7

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This traditional exhaust brake for your Duramax is a must have for towing applications. Hills are tricky business and having a Banks Power exhaust brake takes the guess work out of descents. Designed to find a perfect balance between exhaust flow and cutting flow, Banks Brake provides superior braking power.
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Banks Brake was designed and tested to take the guess work out of hard braking situations. Unlike other exhaust brakes, Banks created a brake that maximizes the restriction and flow of your exhaust to produce an unequaled amount of stopping power. Achieved by a much larger housing and an intelligently designed butterfly valve, you'll quickly notice a difference in stopping power with your Duramax LB7.

The computerized brake control automatically senses throttle position, controls brake engagement, and provides smooth operation. With the addition of automated brake disengagement at low speeds, you'll notice a smoothing of stop-and-go driving, improvements in mileage and less turbo lag.

Kit Includes:
Brake housing assembly
Pressure actuator
Computerized Brake Controller (CBC)
Large butterfly valve with super-alloy shaft-and-bearing system
Fully assembled air compressor panel
Stainless, 4" outlet pipe (stock exhaust: 3.5")
Quick-connect pneumatic hose
Wire harness
Mounting hardware