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Banks Power

Banks Power Git-Kit 99-03 7.3L Ford Powerstroke Multiple Applications

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Get an instant boost of power and performance at a heck of a price with the Git-Kit from Banks Power. This easy to install system will give your PowerStroke a big boost of 50 horsepower and 88 lb-ft of torque. The Git-Kit also destroys your stock MPGs by giving you a bump of 8%. Not bad for just three components! The combination of the Monster Exhaust, Monster Muffler, and OttoMind Diesel tuner means real, usable power that won't damage your PowerStroke's engine. To see specific application notes please see the description below. To ensure a proper fit, be sure to select your correct Cab and Bed.

In order to program the OttoMind module, we will need your PCM Catch Code. This code can be found on your PCM located behind the kick panel to the left of your emergency brake pedal. It is a four digit alphanumeric code, such as If you have any issues locating this, please contact us. Please enter in your Catch Code in the Comments section at checkout.

OttoMind Module
Perfects air-fuel ratio
Maintains EGTs at recommended levels
Tunes low-end torque for strong acceleration and load-pulling capability
Increased engine lifespan
Monster Muffler
Polished-stainless with straight-through 4" diameter flow path
Exclusive expansion chamber dissipates annoying mid-range drone
More than doubles stock airflow
Authoritative, but never overpowering, exhaust sound
Monster Exhaust
4" stainless constant-diameter system
Flows far better than stock
Cuts backpressure up to 81%
Rich, throaty exhaust sound
Application Notes: It is important to know the difference between model years of the 7.3L PowerStroke which fall into three categories: 1999; early 1999 1/2; late 1999 1/2. To check your specific model year find the build date tag inside the driver-side door and match below.

1999 model year--built prior to 1/99; with catalytic converter

Early 1999-1/2 model year--built prior to 1/99; no catalytic converter (intake manifold has 2" diameter inlets)

Late 1999-1/2 model year--built on or after 1/99; no catalytic converter (intake manifold has 3" diameter inlets)

Some Pickups will require an additional extension pipe, please select your correct Cab and Bed configuration when purchasing your Git-Kit System.