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Banks Power

Banks Power Stinger System 94-97 7.3L Ford Powerstroke 1994-1997 7.3L Ford Powerstroke

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Give your Powerstroke an instant boost of power with this easy to install all-in-one kit from Banks Power. The Stinger System is packed full of Banks products designed to give you big performance gains, better MPGs, make towing a breeze, and work together to protect and prolong the life of your Powerstroke.

The Stinger System is the perfect diesel starter all-in-one bundle for 94-97 7.3L PowerStrokes designed to maximize towing power and fuel economy while still providing a heck of a lot of performance power! The bundle offers a small--but important range of Banks Power products built around the OttoMind Diesel Tuner. Functioning as a central nervous system for your rig, the OttoMind tuner allows the other Banks products to achieve full potential. And the potential is massive, once installed the Stinger System will give you a boost of 61 horsepower as well as 110 lb-ft of torque! This boost in performance will with out a doubt revitalize your PowerStroke giving you a huge amount of enjoyable power at the ball of your foot.

The Stinger System achieves these massive new performance levels by replacing the power-robbing factory airflow inefficiencies with a series of free-flowing components. By adding these you'll dramatically increase your intake airflow and air density and expel exhaust with little to no backpressure.

Application Notes: It is important to know the difference between model range of the 1995 7.3L PowerStroke which falls into two categories: Early 1995 and Late 1995.
Early 1995 (referred to as 1995)--little or no straight section at muffler outlet where it connects to tailpipe
Late 1995 (referred to as 1995.5)--approx. 3" straight section at muffler outlet where it connects to tailpipe
You must supply a Vehicle Calibration Code when ordering. This is a 4-character code with three letters followed by a number (example: HWE9). The code can be found on the forward end of your drivers side front door. If you are unable to locate the code here, you may need to locate the black plastic ECU box under your dash, left of the pedals. The code will be on the back of the ECU. Please enter this code in the comments section of the check-out process.

Stinger System Includes:

OttoMind Module
Perfects air-fuel ratio
Maintains EGTs at recommended levels
Tunes low-end torque for strong acceleration and load-pulling capability
Increased engine lifespan
For E40D/4R100 automatics
Corresponds line pressure to power load levels
Solid and decisive heavy-load shifts
Smooth and firm light-throttle shifts
Virtually eliminates clutch slippage; extends trans life
DynaFact Gauges
Pyrometer for EGT measurements 0-1500 F
0-40psi Boost Gauge
Includes 2-gauge mounting panel
Banks Ram-Air filter
High-flow air cleaner
Decreases intake restriction
Sends more cool, dense air into the engine
Multi-layer design traps moisture, dust debris
Includes service kit
Monster Exhaust Single
3.5" stainless constant-diameter system
Flows 26% better than stock
Cuts backpressure up to 81%
Rich, throaty exhaust sound