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Banks Power

Banks Power Stinger System 98.5-02 Dodge 5.9L Cummins 1998.5-2002 Dodge 5.9L Cummins

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The Banks Power Stinger system is an all-in-one kit for your 98.5-02 Cummins. Featuring a variety of Banks Power parts, like the Monster Exhaust, OttoMind Tuner, and much more, this system completely over hauls your stock parts and offers astounding gains in power. The Stinger system offers power without a worry, Banks parts are made to work together to prolong the life of your Cummins.

The Stinger System is an all-in-one kit that offers an amazing amount of power while protecting your Cummins. Unlike fitting your rig with one aftermarket part and then another, and another, you'll get all the parts you need in one convenient kit. Because all these parts are made by Banks, you can rest easy knowing that they were created to work harmoniously together. Once installed your Cummins will be roaring with an additional +71 horsepower and 189 lb-ft of torque. The system also provides a huge boost of 7% better mileage.

These astounding gains are made possible by combining numerous Banks products together and linking them with the OttoMind tuner. Functioning much like a central nervous system, the OttoMind keeps your Cummins safe while the host of other products like the Monster Exhaust (with Monster Muffler), BigHead Wastegate, and Ram-Air filter go to work giving your truck unimaginable power. Get a full run down of all the components and features below!

Stinger System includes:

OttoMind Diesel Tuner
Calibrates fuel delivery and injection timing
Electronic powertrain management that automatically adjusts engine power output
Torque converter clutch lockup protection
EGT limiting
Overall engine and transmission watchdog
DynaFact Gauges
Pyrometer for EGT measurements
0-50psi Boost Gauge
Includes 2-gauge mounting panel
Banks Ram-Air Filter
High-flow air-cleaner element
Decreases intake restriction
Sends more cool dense ram-air into your engine
Wet or dry, out performs stock
Includes service kit for every 30,000-50,000 miles
BigHead Wastegate Actuator
Doubles stock's diaphragm area and spring pressure
Produces massive torque right from idle
Achieves higher peak boost sooner
More top-end power
Monster Muffler
Polished-stainless with straight-through 4" diameter flow path
Exclusive expansion chamber dissipates annoying mid-range drone
Flows up to 201% better than stock
Authoritative, but never overpowering, exhaust sound
Monster Exhaust
Outflows stock exhaust
4" stainless steel heavy wall construction
Constant-diameter bends to eliminate backpressure
Huge 5" polished-stainless steel or power coated black tailpipe tip with rolled edge