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Banks Power

Banks Power Stinger System 99-03 7.3L Ford Powerstroke Multiple Applications

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The Stinger System is a superior all-in-one kit that focuses on turning your Powerstroke into a towing machine. The kit features a run of Banks products that replace your airflow restricting stock parts. Designed to work together as a cohesive whole, the Stinger System delivers unheard of power while protecting and prolonging the life of your PowerStroke's.

The Stinger System is an awesome all-in-one bundle for your 99-03 7.3L PowerStroke's or your 00-03 7.3L Excursion designed to maximize your towing power and fuel economy. The bundle offers a range of Banks Power products built around the OttoMind Diesel Tuner. Functioning as a central nervous system for your rig, the OttoMind tuner allows the other Banks products to achieve full potential. And the potential is massive, once installed the Stinger system will give you a boost of 68 horsepower as well as 128 lb-ft of torque! This boost in performance will with out a doubt revitalize your PowerStroke's making towing troubles a thing of the past.

The Stinger System achieves these massive new performance levels by replacing the power-robbing factory airflow inefficiencies, including the air filter, with a series of free-flowing components. By adding these you'll dramatically increase your intake airflow and air density and expel exhaust with little to no backpressure.

APPLICATION NOTES: It is important to know the difference between model years of the 7.3L PowerStroke's which fall into three categories: 1999; early 1999 1/2; late 1999 1/2. To check your specific model year find the build date tag inside the driver-side door and match below.

1999 model year--built prior to 1/99; with catalytic converter
Early 1999-1/2 model year--built prior to 1/99; no catalytic converter (intake manifold has 2" diameter inlets)
Late 1999-1/2 model year--built on or after 1/99; no catalytic converter (intake manifold has 3" diameter inlets)
Some Pickups will require an additional extension pipe, please select your correct Cab and Bed configuration when purchasing your Stinger System.
For 99-03 F350 Cab-and-Chassis trucks: If your fuel tank is behind your rear axle please select the F450/550 Stinger System.
OttoMind Module

Perfects air-fuel ratio
Maintains EGTs at recommended levels
Tunes low-end torque for strong acceleration and load-pulling capability
Increased engine lifespan
For E40D/4R100 automatics
Corresponds line pressure to power and load levels
Solid and decisive heavy-load shifts
Smooth and firm light-throttle shifts
Virtually eliminates clutch slippage; extends trans life
Banks Ram-Air filter
High-flow air cleaner
Decreases intake restriction
Sends more cool, dense air into the engine
Multi-layer design traps moisture, dust and debris
Includes service kit
BigHead Waste Gate Actuator
Help prevent sluggishness "out of the hole"
Produces torque right from idle
Achieves a higher peak faster
Maintains more boost through the powerband without over boosting
Monster Muffler
Polished-stainless with straight-through 4" diameter flow path
Exclusive expansion chamber dissipates annoying mid-range drone
More than doubles stock airflow
Authoritative, but never overpowering, exhaust sound
Monster Exhaust
4" stainless constant-diameter system
Flows far better than stock
Cuts backpressure up to 81%
Rich, throaty exhaust sound