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Banks Power

Banks SpeedBrake with iDash DataMonster 04.5-05 GM 2500HD / 3500 Duramax LLY Multiple Applications

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If you've ever been caught on the wrong side of a hill with a heavy load, you know the importance of a good braking system. What if you could cut your downhill speed by up to 78 percent? That's what Banks Power can do for you with the SpeedBrake all-electronic exhaust brake system. With a simple plug-n-play installation, you can extend the life of your brakes and maintain your sanity while traversing hilling terrain.

SpeedBrake achieves maximum braking power by intelligently modulating systems already found on the truck. SpeedBrake manipulates the variable geometry turbine vanes in concert with deliberate gear selection and torque converter clutch application to deliver not just total hill-taming stopping power but also peace of mind. Hands (and feet) free, and totally automatic, SpeedBrake lets you set your desired downhill speed and it does all the rest.

iDash DataMonster
The iDash is an intelligent gauge that allows you to get smart and see what's actually going on under your hood. It lets you monitor, display, and record multiple vehicle parameters such as speed, EGT, AFR, RPM, and engine temp. Up to 8 parameters on 5 customizable screens, that's 40 parameters at the touch of a button. Whether you're towing and want to keep an eye on your Exhaust Gas Temperature, or driving around town monitoring your Boost Pressure, pick what you want to see, where you want to see it, and how it's displayed. The iDash acts as the hub for your SpeedBrake to allow you to set your desired downhill speed, and it also has the ability to check emission system readiness or read and clear vehicle trouble codes.