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Carli Suspension

Carli 1" Rear Lift Full Replacement Heavy Duty Leaf Spring Pack 03-13 Dodge Ram 2500/3500

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Yes, Carli does realize that some of us do load the snot out of our trucks on a regular basis. And for those that consistently have a considerable payload in the bed of the truck, such as a full time camper, they now offer their HEAVY DUTY Spring Pack. These springs are designed to give all of the same handling characteristics as the standard Full progressive Spring Pack, but for those trucks with around 1,500 pounds in bed at all times.

These leaf springs were designed to carry the weight of the Dodge Ram Truck coupled with (on average) 1,500 lbs. of payload to produce a smoother, more comfortable ride. This was one by changing the upper rate of the spring pack, thus allowing full control of the rate from the top to the bottom. So as the spring progresses, the rate increases.

The main leaf was designed a set distance longer, which moved the truck's shackle position back. This gives almost a zero rate effect on the freeway when empty. When you move the shackle position back, it eases the first movement for the axle, rendering smoother travel.

The center pin location was changed which allows for full travel with larger tires. Running OEM springs, with a 37 tire, at full compression, the tire will come in contact with the front of the rear fender well, creating unwanted damage. With Carli's center pin location moved rearward, at full compression with 37's, the tire will move all the way up into the center of the wheel well. This provides for maximum wheel travel with larger tires and improves the street driving of the vehicle.

Due to the size and weight of this product, it must be shipped via truck freight on a pallet and we must charge shipping. Please note we do not make a penny on the shipping, we are still losing money on it based upon the prices we are charging, but simply cannot ship this item free of charge.
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