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Carli Suspension

Carli 2.5" Leveling Commuter 2.0 Suspension System 11-16 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke

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The Commuter 2.0 Suspension System from Carli is about leveling your truck the RIGHT way. It's designed for people seeking the best on-road ride quality and low-speed trail driving. Utilizing Carli SPEC 2.0? diameter shocks tuned for all-around comfort and ride quality while driving in town, on the highway, towing, or hauling. Carli SPEC 2.0 boasts an aluminum body, hardened steel shaft, and full rebuild-ability. The shocks contain premium 5WT oil to balance lubricity, consistent damping and the widest available range in temperature variation. Your truck will sit 2.5? higher in the front and have more wheel travel thanks to the taller, lighter rate coil springs. To accommodate the additional travel, the kit contains improved brake lines, an adjustable track bar, and caster adjusters to improve on the stock handling.


This system is designed to be paired with a rear leaf spring upgrade to achieve the proper stance.


Replaces the stiff overload leaf with a pack of 6 progressive leafs for a smoother ride
Maintains original load carrying capacity
Rear will be even with the front or just slightly lower when paired with the 2.5? front suspension system

Full Progressive Leaf Spring Kit

Replaces stock 5 leaf design with a 12 leaf progressive design for a smoother ride
Only a slight reduction from a standard 3/4-ton load capacity
Rear will be 0.5" higher than front when paired with the 2.5? front suspension system

HD Full Progressive Leaf Spring Kit

For the customer that constantly has a +1,000lb load in their bed
Rear will be 1.0" higher than front when paired with the 2.5? front suspension system
With an empty bed, these will lift the rear more than stated and ride very rigid


Upgraded Leaf Spring Shackles

Larger rubber bushings for a far better ride
Free-floating bushing instead of rigid
Greasable and Rebuildable

Upgraded Radius Arms

Heavy duty design replaces flimsy stock arms
Stainless steel spherical joint for longevity and bind free cycling
Adjustable caster correction from 0.5? to 2.5?
Adds 1/2? of tire clearance to allow 37? tires when running near-stock backspacing of 5.5?

High Mount Steering Stabilizer

Higher nitrogen charge for trucks with larger tires
Adjustable pressure and custom tuned valves
Combine with the Low-Mount steering stabilizer for a true, infinitely adjustable stabilization system

Low Mount Steering Stabilizer with Diff Guard

Minimize steering wheel feedback and maximize control
Adjustable nitrogen pressure and custom tuned valves for larger tires
Includes differential guard and clamp
Optimized for Carli 2.5? systems


WHEELS: Carli recommends a 17"-18" wheel, no more than 9" wide with 5" - 5.5" of backspacing
TIRES: 35", E-rated tire is recommended. Tire pressure 45psi front, 40psi rear
RECOMMENDED CONFIGURATION: Carli leveling systems are designed and tested on vehicles with 17"-18" wheels with 35", E-rated tires. Running stock wheels and tires or a larger wheel diameter will result in a stiffer ride.
ADD-A-PACKS: Super-Duties equipped with a factory 3-5/8" block will require the 2" factory block (Part numbers 7C3Z-5598-L, and 7C3Z-5598-K) to achieve a level stance. Fits 3.5? axle tube.
FULL LEAF SPRING KITS: Full leaf spring kits require NO BLOCKS to achieve a proper stance.
HIGH MOUNT STEERING STABILIZER: Works on leveled and lifted trucks ONLY. Will NOT work with Dropped Pitman Arms