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Carli Suspension

Carli 2.75" Lift Linear-Rate Front Coils 10-13 Ram 2500/10-12 Ram 3500

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The Carli Linear Rate Coils Springs for 4th Generation Cummins are designed to deliver the highest grade of ride improvement out of a single component upgrade possible. While these are the same coils used in all of Carli's complete systems, they also make a great upgrade for those either looking to improve the front end handling, while leveling out the truck, or possibly are piecing their entire system together.These coils feature 2.75" of lift for a properly leveled out stance, as it was shown that many trucks sat somewhat nose high with the previous 3" springs, and potentially could have driveline vibration. The Linear Rates were also chosen over the original Multi-Rates to eliminate possible coil chatter coming from the secondary coil rate.


The 2003-2009 Rams come from the factory with what are known as "short arms" in relation to the control arms. For those that have converted to a "long arm" system, these linear rate coils are preferred compared to Carli's standard Multi-Rate Coil Springs intended for the 2003-2009 trucks.


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