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Carli Suspension

Carli 4.5" Backcountry 2.0 Suspension System 11-16 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke

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The Backcountry 2.0 Suspension System from Carli is about leveling your truck the RIGHT way. It's designed for people seeking light to medium off-roading while still maintaining good on-road driving. Utilizing Carli SPEC 2.0? diameter shocks tuned for slow to mid speed off road use as well as all-around comfort and ride quality while driving in town, on the highway, towing, or hauling. Carli SPEC 2.0 boasts an aluminum body, hardened steel shaft, and full rebuild-ability. The shocks contain premium 5WT oil to balance lubricity, consistent damping and the widest available range in temperature variation. Your truck will sit 4.5? higher in the front and have more wheel travel thanks to the taller, lighter rate coil springs. To accommodate the additional height and travel, the kit contains radius arm drop brackets, improved brake lines, an adjustable track bar, and caster adjusters to improve on the stock handling.

We have found that this is really THE kit for those that "use their truck as a truck." Basically, for the owner that drives their truck pretty much everyday on paved roads, and hits up some back roads and light trails on the weekends to go hunting or camping, this is the one. While it may not have the capabilities for extreme off-road use as some of Carli's other kits, the Backcountry does handle the best under the previously mentioned conditions from what we've experienced.

This system is designed to be paired with a rear leaf spring upgrade to achieve the proper stance.
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Replaces the stiff overload leaf with a pack of 6 progressive leafs for a smoother ride
Maintains original load carrying capacity
Provides 2" of lift
Full Progressive Leaf Spring Kit
Replaces stock 5 leaf design with a 12 leaf progressive design for a smoother ride
Only a slight reduction from a standard 3/4-ton load capacity
Rear will be 1" higher than front when paired with the 4.5? front suspension system

This system is designed to be paired with sway bar drop brackets for compatibility.

Sway Bar Drop Brackets
Corrects sway bar geometry on 4.5" lift
Direct Bolt-in
Unhindered Articulation

The carrier bearing drop is needed for all 4.5? truck lifts that have a 2-piece drive shaft.

Carrier Bearing Drop
Prevents take-off shudder/driveline vibration
Four settings to adjust your driveline angles


Wheels: Carli recommends a 17"-18" wheel, no more than 9" wide with 5" of backspacing
Tires: 37", E-rated tire is recommended. Tire pressure 45psi front, 40psi rear
Configuration: Carli 4.5" leveling systems are designed and tested on vehicles with 17"-18" wheels with 37", E-rated tires. Running stock wheels and tires or a larger wheel diameter will result in a stiffer ride.
Add-a-Pack: Super Duties equipped with a 2? block from the factory will require the factory 3-5/8? block to achieve a leveled stance (Part numbers 7C3Z-5598-HB, and 7C3Z-5598-JB). Fits 3.5? axle tube.
Full Rear Leaf Spring Kits: Full leaf spring kits require NO BLOCKS to achieve a proper stance.