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Carli Suspension

Carli Suspension Leveling Kit 13-24 Ram 3500 / 14-22 Ram 2500 6.7L Cummins

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2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

When most people think of a leveling system they think of a simple spacer kit that is installed on top of your factory coil springs to increase the front end ride height. Well, that's not this! In true Carli Suspension form, this is a fully engineered system to increase the ride comfort and suspension performance of your Ram 2500 or 3500 designed for those that aren't looking for one of Carli's complete suspension systems. And no, Carli didn't just take the coil springs from their other systems and a kit, the coil springs featured in this Leveling Kit were built specifically for this system.

This system is designed for the customer that keeps their truck on the road with an eye for quality and appreciation for bang-for-their-buck. At the heart of this system is a set of 2.5" lift, Linear Rate Coil Springs. In order to get the best ride quality from the linear rate coil springs, front and rear, custom tuned shocks are also included. The 2500 models with factory rear coil springs (not rear air ride) will come with the Carli-SPEC series shocks while the other kits will include matched travel Fox 2.0" IFP Shocks that have been custom tuned, in house, for superior ride quality and handling. For those that aren't looking for a massive increase in travel or big shocks, but still want to attain a leveled stance and improved ride quality and handling characteristics, this is the perfect kit. The 2.5" lift height doesn't require the geometry correction of Carli's 3" Systems.

The front axle will be slightly pulled to the driver's side following installation of the lift; this can be corrected with the addition of a Carli Adjustable Track Bar (with exception to the 2500 Air Ride kit which already includes a track bar). Further, ride quality can be substantially increased by adding one of Carli's renowned Torsion Sway Bars.


Both the Fox and Carli SPEC are a 2.0 Internal Floating Piston (IFP) style of shock that are custom tuned to specifically work optimally with Carli coil springs and feature an aluminum body to prevent against rust and corrosion typical on steel bodies. While Carli considers each of these "entry level" shocks, we can attest that their ride quality is far superior to stock or any off-the-shelf type of shocks you'll find at your local parts store. The kit for 2500 models with factory rear coil springs (not rear air ride) will get the Carli-SPEC shocks, where the remainder of the systems come with Fox shocks.

These systems will NOT be upgradeable to any Carli Suspension 3.25" Systems. It's designed to be a solution for customers wanting a quality system with minimal lift and part inclusion. Carli recommends slight eccentric bolt compensation to correct caster after the lift as there are no Radius Arm Drops. For this reason, customers may experience a slight bow in the coil spring. Carli did not experience a coil bow in any of the test trucks, but it's possible at the 2.5" lift height without a Radius Arm Drop Bracket.
2014-2024 Ram 2500 with Factory Rear Air Suspension Specifics
REAR AIR RIDE SUSPENSION: Starting with the airbag spacers. They?re included because the air-ride trucks have 1? less rear to front rake when compared to a coil sprung truck. Carli's choice was between making a shorter coil and shock combo to a truck already starved for suspension travel or space the rear to match their 2.5? spring; Carli chose the latter to maximize the travel and ride comfort. For the leveling system, this required some engineering as you can?t just throw a 1? spacer on; the length of the factory stud doesn?t facilitate this. Carli designed a 2-piece spacer. Half bolts to the bag, half bolts to the axle ? in between, chromoly spacers to support the load, then it all bolts together. It installs seamlessly. The whole assembly snaps together like an ultra-satisfying adult lego set. The pins pressed into the upper half of the bracket mark the rear and provide a failsafe for the airbag.
EXTENDED SENSOR LINKS: The factory links are cheesy polimer ends. This part sees no real load but polimer isn?t Carli's style. They machined exact length rods for the 2.5? Systems and 3.25? Systems from aluminum rod then thread the ends to accept their zinc-steel ends. The ends snap into position with authority and are provided with a spring clip keeper for insurance.
BUMP STOP DROPS: The Leveling Systems will be provided with a 1-7/8? Bump Stop Drop. These bolt in place of the factory 7/8? bumps providing a 1? total drop over stock to compliment the 1? airbag spacer provided. The bags bump out exactly as they do factory and are essentially shifted down 1?. The rear shocks provided with the leveling system maintains the stock rear travel.