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Cognito Motor Sports

Cognito 3-Inch Ultimate Leveling Kit With Fox FRS 3.0 IBP Shocks for 2019-2023 Silverado/Sierra 1500 2WD/4WD Including AT4 and Trail Boss.

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The Cognito Ultimate Leveling kit package is for those who have a large budget and want the absolute most flash and performance you can buy! This package includes everything needed to change the look, feel, and performance of your vehicle. For a standard model and Denali, this package will lift the front of the truck 3� and the rear lift is adjustable from 1�-2� depending on your taste in the trucks stance. If you have an AT4 or Trail Boss, you may already know that your truck is 2� taller front and rear than the standard model, so this package will lift the front 1�, and depending on your taste in stance you can set the rear to stay the same height or lower 1�, via the adjustability built into the mini-packs. Denali trucks, yes you have special stock shocks with Adaptive Ride Control (ARC), but we have you covered for that with an included hardware pack and instructions to easily bypass the ARC solenoids that connect to your stock shocks., , , , To properly level a truck and maintain the best ride possible, you must maintain a minimum of 3� of droop travel which Cognito does with its SM Series Upper Control Arm kit that has a corrected ball joint angle along with a high articulation joint. The Cognito control arm kit is a boxed sheet metal design, has maintenance free ball joints and pivot bushings, durable black powder coated finish, geometry to maximize performance, all pre-assembled and ready to bolt on. Along with the control arm kit, a proper length set of shocks is needed for that droop travel, and this package includes the no holds barred Fox Factory Race Series 3.0 Internal Bypass Shocks which have the recirculating reservoirs which help keep shock oil temperatures at bay, and they also feature Dual Speed Compression (DSC) adjusters. �But I don�t race my truck..� you say, we understand but that is what these shocks are called because they have all of the Fox racing technology embedded in them, again these are for a large budget individual who just has to have the best you can buy., , , , The rear end of the truck will need to come up at minimum 1� to accommodate the longer rear shocks, and the height can come up to 2� or somewhere in between if you prefer, via the adjustable height Deaver mini packs that are included. Since The AT4 and Trail Boss models are already 2� taller, the stock overload spring will come out, as well as the stock 2� block and the 2� axle perch spacer for the bump stop. That will all get replaced with the included mini packs for a more plush ride on the bigger bumps, and the new 1.5� bump stop spacers in order to protect the shocks from bottom out. Longer u-bolts are included and round out the contents of the Ultimate Leveling kit