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Diode Dynamics

Diode Dynamics Stage Series LED Pocket Fog Light Kit: 2020-2022 Ford F250/F350 Super Duty

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  • Bolt-on fitment for 2020-2022 Ford Super Duty.
  • Adds brighter SAE-compliant fog lights, and powerful offroad lighting.
  • Plug-and-play harness, for independent control of offroad lights.
  • Backlight feature provides amber accent light.
  • Highly durable powdercoated stainless steel bracket.
  • Engineered and assembled in USA.


Overview. If you are looking to add some serious functionality to your Super Duty, look no further! The Stage Series Fog Pocket Kit for the 2020-2022 Ford Super Duty from Diode Dynamics adds brighter road-legal fog lights and powerful offroad lighting. The CAD-designed brackets allow you to mount four SS3 LED Pods in place of your factory fog light housing, giving your Super Duty an aggressive offroad appearance. With the included harness, you'll be able to switch between road-legal fog lights and offroad lights with ease.

Lighting for Every Situation. This kit includes two SS3 LED Pods in the SAE-compliant fog beam pattern and two SS3 LED pods in the combo beam pattern. This combination provides ideal light output whether you are on or offroad!�

SAE Fog provides an extremely wide field of view, with high-intensity output over an entire 80-degree spread. It will fully illuminate the area in front of your vehicle.�

Combo�pattern�combines both the Driving and Flood optics. It shines light downrange in a focused, rectangular 65x25 degree pattern. The combo lens features a flood optic�on one side and a driving optic�on the other.

When installed as a pair and aimed in accordance with your state's regulations, the Fog pattern meets SAE J583 standard as a Foglamp, for legal on-road use. Please check your local laws and regulations for aiming, installation, and applicability.

For states that require them, we also offer snap-on covers for your Stage Series LED Pods. These covers are available in a variety of colors and keep your Stage Series Pod clean and protected from dirt, dust, or whatever else the road throws your way!

White or Yellow Fog. The SS3 fog pods included with this kit are available in both cool white and selective yellow LED pod options. The white is a 6000K color temperature, which is a true cool white output, and matches most factory LED lighting. The selective yellow is a 3000K color temperature, great for high contrast in poor weather or a distinctive look on the road. The SS3 Combo offroad pods in both options are 6000K cool white.�

Backlight Functionality.�Each pod in this kit includes a distinctive Amber backlight feature. This integrated backlight gives you an additional accent light, along with the main beam. The backlight on each SS3 fully illuminates the TIR optic, providing a more unique and modern look than the small indicator LEDs found in other products. For trucks with factory LED fog lights, the backlight will be powered through the plug-and-play 9006 adapter - no additional wiring needed! For those with factory halogen fog light, the backlight is powered using the included H10-size adapter to tap your desired vehicle function.

Sport, Pro, or Max.This kit is available at three different power levels. All options use high-intensity LED emitters, and TIR optics for unmatched focus and overall output. The Sport model uses high-intensity LEDs, and is the best bang for the buck you�ll find. The Pro model steps things up in a big way, with double the total power. Finally, the Max model features our SS3 Max LED pods, which have been designed with cutting-edge automotive emitters for both high power and extreme intensity. This brand new technology comes at a cost, but if you�re looking for the absolute best in lighting performance, the SS3 Max is the answer. Click the Specifications tab to see more information or click here to view�our full specification guide.

Independent Control. With the included harness and adapters, the two SS3 Fog pods and two SS3 offroad pods in this kit can be controlled independently, allowing you to switch between road-legal fog lights and offroad lights with ease. The included 9006 adapters connect the SS3 fog pods to your factory halogen or LED fog light connecter, while the off-road lights in this kit are controlled with either the included 3-way toggle switch, or a factory-installed aux switch.

Proven Reliability. Stage Series LED lighting has been extensively tested for long-term operation from -40 to 185 degrees F, along with vibration, moisture intrusion, and corrosion testing. All of these tests are completed to SAE standards, just like factory components. They've also been put to the test on-road by racers and enthusiasts alike.

Experience. After over a decade in business, Diode Dynamics is one of the most trusted names in automotive LED lighting. We directly assemble�and engineer our own products in the United States, allowing for higher quality and performance, with the newest and brightest LED technology. No matter what you're driving, we pride ourselves in offering only the best possible LED solutions. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss your lighting project!

What's Included

In the Box:
  • Two (2) Ford Super Duty Fog Pocket Brackets
  • Two (2) SS3 SAE Fog LED pods
  • Two (2) SS3 Combo LED pods
  • One (1) Dual Fog Pocket Backlight Splitter
  • One (1) Heavy Duty Dual Output Wiring Harness
  • One (1) 9006 Backlight Tap Wire Kit
  • Mounting Hardware and Guide

The "Yellow" kits include two Yellow SS3 Fog LED pods, and two White SS3 Combo LED pods.

Warranty: 8 year warranty
Return Policy: 30-day Return with no restocking fee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee


NOTE: Compatible with F250/F350/F450/F550 models.

Application: Fog Light
Make: Ford
Model: Super Duty F250/F350/F450/F550
Years: 2020, 2021, 2022