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Dodge Ram 2500/3500 (2019-2023): ALPHAREX PRO LED TAIL LIGHTS

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Matching Led Third Brake
LED Reverse Bulbs
Lens Color

�These tail lights will fit the following models:

2019, 2020, 2021, 2022,�2023 ram 2500/3500 with oem halogen tail lights ONLY

You will need new reverse bulbs. These are the same tail lights as the 4th gen set, and use bulb size 921 instead of 7440/7443 like 5th gens.

AlphaRex Is a relatively new brand in the automotive aftermarket industry, but these tail lights are unique in style, offer various color choices, and better than average construction quality. While (in our testing) they don't do as well as the slightly more expensive Morimoto XB LED alternatives, they do offer good bang for the buck and certainly worth considering. If you're interested to see what else we've got in stock for your truck, use the buyer's guide on our website!

AlphaRex Design. These LED tail lights come with light smoke lens with either red and clear housing or jet black housing. The red clear housing gives your truck a stock housing look and match with all exterior colors. On the other hand, the jet black housing gives your truck gives you a more sporty look. All our red clear housing LED tail lights are composed of red LED tube, while the jet black housing LED tail lights are composed of white LED tube.