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Edge EZX Tuning Module & Insight CTS3 Kit 20-21 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke F-250/350/450 Pickup 2020-2021 6.7L Ford Powerstroke F-250/350/450 Pickup

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Are you ready for the ultimate tuning upgrade for your 2020-2021 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke? The Edge EZX is just that. The Edge EZX gives you total control over your truck all while offering switch on the fly power programming. This device installs with ease, increases towing performance, and gives you better fuel economy all through Edge's smartphone app. This module is completely safe for stock engines and leaves no trace in your ECM when removed for dealer service work. This module is specifically designed for daily driver and towing applications and is a safe, emissions friendly upgrade.

You can never have enough power, right? With the Edge EZX, you can gain as much as 63 rear wheel horsepower and 114 ft/lb of torque. Not only can you control this device through the Edge app, but you can also adjust power levels right through the factory steering wheel controls. However, utilizing the smartphone app allows you to gain even more access to your truck's features including calibrating for tire size and gear ratio changes, throttle pedal sensitivity in each power level, TPMS settings, engine temperature protection, and the ability to have your fog lights on with high beams. If your truck throws a check engine light, no worries, this device will allow you to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes. Finally, the EZX will allow you to check your emissions readiness status and perform a manual DPF regen cycle. No other tuner on the market gives you this much access to your truck right at your fingertips.

The Insight CTS3 allows you to stay informed with factory parameters through a mulit-gauge touch screen display and mounts via a clean, factory fit mount. This kit is perfect for those individuals that like to stay in the know of their truck. This device also gives users the ability to expand parameter viewing by utilizing Edge's EAS or Expandable Accessory System. Not only can the Insight monitor vehicle performance, but it can also be intelligently configured to provide audible and visual alerts to help you protect your vehicle.