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Eibach 2.50-Inch Front Pro-Lift Springs (14-18 Sierra 1500)

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Clearance You Can Use. The Eibach 2.5-Inch Front Pro-Lift Springs are the superior coil spring upgrade for your Sierra truck with 2.5 inches of lift. These springs are engineered to provide a full range of suspension travel while enhancing stability and handling. Additionally, these springs offer excellent ground and fender clearance, so you could install those larger tires you?ve always wanted.

Heavy-Duty Build Quality. Each of the Eibach Front Pro-Lift Springs is constructed using high-grade steel alloy that?s designed for maximum durability while offering improved ride quality. These coil springs are precision-crafted for consistent performance. Additionally, these springs are finished in a durable silver powder coating for exceptional corrosion protection.

Linear Design. Linear springs (also known as standard rate springs) are engineered with a constant spring rate that stays the same as the spring compresses. This linear rate of compression allows for optimum traction and a more predictable handling feel. Linear springs will have a slightly rougher ride when compared to progressive springs.

Professional Installation Recommended. Installing the Eibach 2.5-Inch Front Pro-Lift Springs will require a spring compressor, which is something most home garages do not have. Additionally, you will also need to know how to properly use a spring compressor. Consequently, professional installation is recommended.

Exclusive Eibach Million-Mile . The Eibach 2.5-Inch Front Pro-Lift Springs comes with an exclusive million-mile covering structural defects. Please visit the manufacturer?s website for more information.

Application. The Eibach 2.5-Inch Front Pro-Lift Springs fits all 2014 to 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 models.

Application Notes. These Eibach 2.5-Inch Front Pro-Lift Springs must be used with the Eibach Pro-Truck Sport Front Shocks.

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2014 GMC Sierra 1500
2015 GMC Sierra 1500
2016 GMC Sierra 1500
2017 GMC Sierra 1500
2018 GMC Sierra 1500