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Eibach Pro-Truck Front Lowering Springs (07-13 2WD/4WD Silverado 1500, Excluding Hybrid)

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The Look That Performs. Eibach Pro-Truck Front Lowering Springs are a recipe for performance. The spring is a fountain of aggressive beauty increasing the vehicle's appearance and stability. It minimizes excessive fender-well clearance, reduces a mass center of gravity, and minimizes weight transfer to eliminate rollover of vehicles in uneven roads or corners while maintaining high-performance handling.

Excellent Ride Quality. For drivers looking to improve their Silverado experience, installing these Front Lowering Springs from Eibach is all you need. Designed to lower a truck?s center of gravity, reduce nose-dive under brake, body roll in corners, and squats during acceleration, Eibach springs deliver improved handling and increased safety.

Safety Guaranteed. Rough riders understand the need for safety. To keep you free from incident, help prevent overturning and flipping on slippery road conditions, Eibach Pro-Truck Front Lowering Springs improve the stability of your Silverado 1500 to give you full control of the vehicle. When maneuvering corners, it reduces weight transfer, taking your driving to new levels.

Progressive Spring Design. For the enthusiastic driver who loves a smooth ride in rough circumstances, you need these springs. They come with a progressive spring design which intuitively interprets compression with lower initial spring rates that continuously increase with compression. With that kind of flexibility, your truck travels smoothly over bumps and other road imperfections while still maintaining proper handling and preventing the chassis from bottoming out.

Front Installation. Eibach Pro-Truck Front Lowering Springs meet OEM standards for length and enable a straight forward install with 2WD and 4WD without requiring additional straps.

. The springs have a million-mile .

Application. This Eibach Pro-Truck Front Lowering design is engineered to fit all 2007-2013 2WD/4WD Chevrolet Silverado 1500s, except Hybrid models.

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