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Flowmaster Force II Stainless Steel Single Exhaust System; Side Exit (09-10 5.4L F-150, Excluding Raptor)

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Serious Exhaust Notes. Enjoy rich and aggressive exhaust notes while driving around thanks to the Flowmaster Force II Stainless Steel cat-back exhaust kit. It's designed to really enhance the tune of your vehicle while helping it to run more effetively as well. Carefully shaped pipes are assembled together to help you achieve the perfect exhaust note when you have the kit installed on your truck. You'll be amazed at how effective the kit is and what it could do for your truck to make it more desirable.

All Out Performance. Relax and enjoy your truck running at improved power levels becausee of this kit. It enhances the strength of your ride and leaves you with a powerful set that you can make the use of if you are willing to get close enough. Give this kit a try and you'll see that you can enjoy reliable power boosts during standard driving. The benefits offer enhanced driving conditions because the system makes fast-flowing emissions a priority so you can get as much as possible when you go outside.

Real Stainless Steel. Real stainless steel makes up every part of this kit making it extremely effective overall. This kit comes with a mid tube and a rear tube both made from stainless steel, as well as a good solid exhaust. The unit is sized large enough to offer plenty of power and seating space at the end of the day, and the kit serves as a long-lasting addition to your truck that's going to extend your vehicle's performance overall.

Lock it Down. Even though this exhaust kit offers a bunch of benefits, none of those benefits kick in until you start driving around. This kit offers excellent performance boosts to select cars that can benefit from it. Once installed the exhaust from the truck moves more smoothly and the kit can be locked down simply giving it simple durability that you can count on.

Application. This Flowmaster Force II Stainless Steel Single Side Exit Cat-Back Exhaust is designed to fit on all 2009 to 2010 F-150s powered by the 5.4L engine. It is not compatible with the 5.4L SVT Raptor.

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