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Ready Lift

Ford Bronco 2021-2023 High-Clearance Anti-Intrustion Beams

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ReadyLIFT now offers the new Ford Bronco a useful lift kit accessory to complement installing larger wheels and tires. The all-new 67-21200 Bronco replacement High-Clearance Anti-Intrusion Beams are a great solution if you want to run a larger tire with superior clearance over the factory offset intrusion beams (aka crash bars). Anti-intrusion beams help manage collision energy absorption. The all-new ReadyLIFT notched-beam design is specifically engineered to mimic the strength of factory Bronco beams while providing additional tire clearance-- run up to a true 35" or taller tire depending on the lift., , , , The all-new 67-21200 high-clearance anti-intrusion beam kit is for use on the 2021-2023 Ford Bronco (not intended for Bronco Sport). These new high-clearance anti-intrusion beams are precision engineered and manufactured using heavy-duty laser cut and robot-welded steel and have been verified with Finite Element Analysis to meet the engineering specifications of the factory anti-intrusion beams., , , , Accessory kit 67-21200 is uniquely designed for the 2021-2023 Ford Bronco front suspension. This kit includes two forward and two rearward replacement beams and installs with some minor disassembly -- simply to remove the factory beams and install your new ReadyLIFT high-clearance anti-intrusion beams.