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Fox | Polaris 650 / 850 Pro-RMK Ski Float 3 Evol Quick Switch Front Shock Pair With Adjuster

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FITMENT NOTE: Confirm fitment with Fox BEFORE ordering., , The new FOX FLOAT 3 EVOL Quick Switch (QS) are the lightest mountain sled suspension package available. Ride harder in the backcountry with less fatigue without a compromise of durability. Experience a new sense of control on the snow due to less outboard weight. , , We designed the air-sprung mountain shocks with two primary objectives: weight reduction and ride performance. FOX optimizes the FLOAT 3 EVOL QS shocks through material reduction without a sacrifice of ride quality or structural integrity. We shaved weight from the reservoir walls and mounting hardware to save weight where it counts. The result is an air shock package in a league of its own. , , FOX�s position-sensitive damping technology, with origins in desert truck racing, is now applied to the Factory Race Series coil-sprung shocks. Spiral grooves inside the shock allow the oil to flow around the main piston reducing damping force in the ride zone for a plush feel. The bypass grooves terminate through the final 30% of the travel, forcing oil to only flow through the main piston and providing a significant increase of bottom-out resistance to cushion any hard hits. Our goal was to inspire confidence next time you send it big thanks to the extra support. , , FOX�s QS technology allows you to adjust the compression and rebound damping with ease to suit the snow conditions. Three positions keep the adjustment simple, so you focus on the ride instead of counting clicks. The FLOAT air spring and EVOL air chamber have an infinite range of spring adjustment. The air spring allows you to tailor the suspension specifically to your ride style or terrain. When the shock compresses through the travel, the spring force ramps up due to the progressive nature of air springs. If you ride aggressively and want a bottomless feel, the FLOAT 3 EVOL QS shock package is for you. , , Maximize the power-to-weight ratio of your sled by bolting on FOX�s new mountain shocks., ,