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Titan Fuel Tanks

Titan Fuel Tanks | Travel Trekker 50 Gallon Auxiliary Fuel System | 5410050

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Now a new, better concept in auxiliary fuel systems: The TITAN Travel Trekker� is made of our famous military grade, cross-linked polymer--- tougher than steel and longer lasting than aluminum. Its durability is legendary. We routinely test our tanks using state-of-the-art computer simulations as well as physical drop tests. We fill our tanks completely and drop them 30 feet onto a steel plate--- never losing a drop of liquid. They are so tough and well-proven that we back them with a Lifetime Warranty. There are no welds to fail and if you ever accidentally run your gooseneck hitch into your Travel Trekker� you will most likely find it springs right back into shape. Also, soap, water and perhaps a little furniture spray polish is all you need to keep your tank looking new. The Travel Trekker� is baffled to minimize fuel sloshing and compact enough that it can be installed in full-sized pickup beds without interfering with most in-bed hitches and tonneau covers. With one touch, the remarkable TITAN Electronic Controller� transfers fuel from the Travel Trekker� to the vehicle�s primary fuel tank until it is automatically stopped by the controller or the button is touched again. The controller monitors and reports the fuel level in the auxiliary system at all times. Controller installation is simple and never requires cutting into the vehicle�s wiring harness which could affect the manufacturer�s warranty. Fuel is pumped from the top of the tank which is safer and more environmentally responsible than gravity flow systems. The system comes complete with all necessary installation components and detailed instructions. Whatever your passion, let us help you fuel it!, , Note: For use with diesel fuel ONLY!, , Our extra large fuel tanks provide freedom; freedom to chase your dreams, freedom to explore, freedom to adventure further, freedom to get where you need to when it matters without having to worry about fuel, freedom to be there for your family and loved ones when needed. Each and every extra large fuel tank as well as all of the parts included are made right here in the greatest country on the face of the Earth, the United States of America. We are proud to be the only cross-linked polymer fuel tanks on the market that are made here and are tough enough to be backed by an Lifetime Warranty. Innovation, quality, durability, refinement�are all synonymous with the name TITAN Fuel Tanks. We stand squarely behind them with our industry-leading Lifetime Warranty. With our tanks, no carbon steel comes in contact with your fuel at any time. A feature that leads the way by ensuring against corrosion and fuel contamination., , Replacement fuel pump filters are available at your local auto parts store. Hastings Part Number: GF3 or Baldwin Part Number: BF836, , If installing on a LB7 engine GM Duramax, LB7 AUXILIARY TANK BREATHER KIT part # 0101310 is required., , Features:, , 50 gallon capacity, Baffled to reduce sloshing, Electronic Controller transfers fuel, Fits under most tonneau covers, Lifetime Warranty, For diesel fuel only, Does not interfere with in-bed hitches, Does not fit with RAM Puck System, Compact size, Only 70 lbs shipping weight, Keeps its rugged good looks, Everything included for ease of installation, Never any corrosion, Meets DOT FMCSA Title 49 Requirements, Pumps from top of tank, U.S. Patent No. 9174528, , *NOTICE: Will NOT fit in non-traditional width truck beds such as the RAM Box., , **NOTICE: As of 4/20/2021 - High flow nozzles at big rig fuel pumps fit and work perfect!