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Zone Offroad 1.5" Body Lift Kit 14-18 Ram 2500 / 13-18 Ram 3500 Multiple Applications

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Are you looking for a simple solution that enhances your truck's functionality and clears space for larger tires without breaking the bank? Take a look at the Zone Offroad 1.5? body lift kit. If you are planning to install larger tires, the body lift kit provides additional clearance, preventing tire rubbing and allowing you to use larger tires. This body lift kit provides a subtle increase in height, without the need for more extensive modifications. The kit can also be used on an existing suspion lift if you are needing more tire clearance.

When compared to a full suspension lift, a body lift is a more budget-friendly option to gain some additional height. The body lift kit allows you to liff the truck without significantly altering the factory suspension, ensuring that the original ride quality is preserved. The Zone Offroad kit includes all the necessary components and instructions, making the intallation process straightforward and generally easier to install than suspension lifts.